what our customers have been saying:

"I recently bought my wife the Fly SL500i from Argos and we are very
pleased with the unit in all aspects."

"I have a SL500i pink which I adore."

"I have recently purchased the stunning Fly SL600 handset from your range, and I am THOROUGHLY impressed by your product! The features within my handset are second-to-none."

"This is the best phone on the market and all my family have them"

"I recently purchased the Fly SL600 from Woolworths, I am really pleased with the phone."

"I bought this phone (TR1) from Orange recently - and think it is a great phone."

"I am desperately trying to purchase a Fly SL500i for my
daughter. She's fallen in love with it and nothing else will do!!"

what the press have been saying:

"A concerted effort has been made to offer sleek styling. The silver edges and angular dusky pink buttons on the slider give it the look of a teeny die-cast model of a Lamborghini Gallardo"

Shiny Shiny about the SL500i

"Fly Mobile Limited is shaking up the market with some decent feature-rich handsets at cheaper-than-chips prices

Woolworths is selling this compact sleek slider for just £60 on Vodafone and for the outlay you get features unprecedented at this price level"

Pocket Picks on the SL600

"You get a very pleasant very holdable slider that's nice to use"

Mobile Business on the SL500i

"Feature-wise the SL600 is well specified for its price point"

What Mobile on the SL600

"Delivering feature rich handsets at arctic cool prices"

Mobile Choice

"When you look at the features you are getting for the money, the SL600 remains one of the sweetest bargains we've encountered in recent memory"

Mobile Choice on the SL600

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